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What's Up Eye Health Gummies

Look after your eyes the tasty way at less than ₹30/Day

For Both Men and Women
Helps in Complete Eye Care
Reduces Eye Strain from Screen Usage
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Size: 30 Days Pack

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Vegan &


Shields Against Harmful Blue Light

Helps To Maintain Eye Health

Shields Against Harmful Blue Light

Helps To Reduce Eye Strain

Shields Against Harmful Blue Light

Helps To Shield Against Harmful Blue Light

What Are They Made Of?

Ingredients you can pronounce.
What's Up Eye Health Gummies


Prevents eye diseases, including cataracts and diseases that lead to vision loss in older adults.

What's Up Eye Health Gummies

Vitamin A

A very essential nutrient known for maintaining good eye lubrication and healthy eyesight.  

What's Up Eye Health Gummies

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

A herb known to help with preventing macular degeneration & diabetic retinopathy, as well as enhance your visual acuity.

What's Up Eye Health Gummies

Vitamin E

 It is an antioxidant known to protect your cells from harmful molecules called free radicals.

What's Up Eye Health Gummies


Functions as a light filter, protecting the eye tissues from sunlight damage.

Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Supriya

In today's age of starting and ending the day with screens, safeguarding your eye health isn't just a choice—it's essential. What's Up Eye Health Gummies provide all the necessary nutrients to support your eyes without the hassle of incorporating multiple items into your diet.

Dr. Vishal

What's up eye health gummies are a pure blessing for your eyes.These contain Zeaxanthin which is known for providing relief with eye strain & Lutein which helps in providing long term protection and improves eye function.

Perfect For

  • What's Up Eye Health Gummies Gamers
  • What's Up Eye Health Gummies Digital Professionals
  • What's Up Eye Health Gummies Students
  • What's Up Eye Health Gummies Senior Citizen
  • What's Up Eye Health Gummies Binge Watchers
  • What's Up Eye Health Gummies You, Who is on the Phone

Take care of Your Eyes

Screen Time

If your Screen Time is too much, This is for you

Improves Eye Health

Reduces eye dryness

Optimum Eye Health

Enjoy Healthy and Strain free eye

Short Term benefits Helps To

Reduce dry eyes.

Filter out blue light.

Protect against sun damage

Long Term benefits Helps To

Support healthy night vision, Eye Pressure & Blood flow.

Provide critical nutrients for Retina and Macula

Reduce age related eye health deterioration

Why Choose Us

our gummies
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Natural Flavour
  • Natural Colour
  • Smooth & Non-Sticky Texture
  • All ingredients served are as per the guidelines issued by Indian Council of Medical Research
  • One Gummy Per Day Does The Trick
  • Convenient To Use & Carry – Each Gummy In Individual Wrapping
  • Infused with Vitamins, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and other actives
other gummies
  •  Animal Derived Ingredients
  • Chemical Taste
  • Synthetic Colour
  • Rubbery & Sticks To The Teeth
  • Quantities of ingredients are more than what government deems safe for Indians
  • You Have To Consume 2 Gummies – means more sugar
  • Have To Carry Entire Jar
  • Contains limited ingredients

Our Gummies Are



Artificial Colour Free

Preservative Free

For Both Men & Women

Artificial Flavour Free

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FAQs About Gummies

Our multivitamin eye gummies are crafted with care and love. Each flower-shaped gummy tastes of yummy mixed fruit.

Our Eye Health Gummie tablets are formulated with a powerful punch of Lutein, Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Zeaxanthin, and Vitamin A to support your eye health.

With an increase in screen time, most of us experience dry eyes, early onset of vision impairment, and other eye damage. These eye health gummies are formulated to look after your eyes and keep them healthy and lubricated.

These eye health tablets are for 18 years and above. Chew one gummy everyday to maintain your eye health.

Eye Health gummies protect eyes from further deterioration and keep eye health in check. It helps your eyes from irritation, dryness, and other common diseases. With Eye Health gummies you can protect your eyes from diseases and keep them healthy and functioning. Note: In cases of chronic vision impairment, Eye Health gummies are not beneficial and you should try consulting an ophthalmologist.

Eye Health gummies help you maintain the eye power and prevent it from further decreasing. You won’t need to change your lens’s power. If you consume 1 eye health tablet regularly, it’ll prevent your eyes from vision impairment.

Eye health vitamin supplements can be taken to reduce eye dryness and irritation. Also, people who spend extended periods in front of digital screens should take one eye care tablet daily.

No, our eye care gummies are made with natural ingredients, free from artificial colors and flavors, and are completely safe for consumption.

It is advisable to consult a healthcare expert before combining eye health tablets with other supplements or medications to avoid potential interactions.

No, eye care tablets do not substitute for a nutritious diet. These eye health supplements are designed to ensure you receive essential vitamins for eye health.

We want everyone to be the best version of themselves, every day! A brand that connects with you and your family’s daily routine. We want to make a difference in your lives, in the world and for ourselves through our products.

Our product supports your busy and demanding lives, making the healthy option fun & easy to choose.

Customer Reviews

Based on 176 reviews
K k manjunath yuktha

What's Up Eye Health Gummies

Shiva .

What's Up Eye Health Gummies

Slight changes

I have been consuming eye health gummie. In the first week, it didn't help at all. But when I started consuming two gummies daily I can see slight changes. My eyes doesn't pain now. And I can drive without spectacles now.

Pujan Patel
Excellent Product

We have started to use your product from last 10 days and we feel reduced dryness in eyes and feel improvement in eye sight. I’m working on laptop 8-10 hrs daily and feel energetic eye sight. And i’m planning to by product again. Thank you for making good product like this.


great result

Highly recommended

As expected , really feeling improved sightness with these beautiful gummies

Manish Khandelwal

5 star


Results awaited yet