What Is What's Up Wellness?

What's Up Wellness was created to help you be at your best every day

We Make Wellness Fun & Simple!

We Work Hard So That You Don’t Slow Down.

We Believe You Are Unstoppable.

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What's Up Beauty Gummies

Breathe back life into your lackluster hair, dull skin & brittle nails in a fun and tasty way! A unique blend of 13 superfoods in a delicious strawberry bite to keep you shining bright at just less than ₹30 per day. Just chew one daily and see the magic happen.


I will see benefits in 30 days.


Beauty Gummies ideally show results in 60-90 days.


If I see results and stop eating the gummies, I will face side effects.


No side effects. Problems may reverse if you are unable to maintain diet.

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What's Up Sleep Gummies

Doze off into tranquil sleep with a calming sensation and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world with our Sleep Gummies. Formulated consciously with 5 powerful extracts that help you relax, get uninterrupted sleep and reduce muscle tension and soreness.


Sleep Gummies are addictive like alcohol and drugs.


Our gummies are non-habit forming.


Sleep Gummies can cure my sleeping disorders.


It's not a treatment but only regulation.

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What's Up Stress Relief Gummies

What’s Up Stress Relief & Anxiety Relief Gummies are expertly blended with key actives that help counter the acute effects of stress and mental tension. These wellness gummies work fast to help counter the bad vibes, with a boost of just what your body needs to help you stay calm, cool and collected.

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What's Up Kids Gummies

Our What’s Up Kids Multivitamin Gummies are specially designed and dosed to meet the nutritional needs of growing children by providing them with essential vitamins and micronutrients. To help them overcome dietary imbalances, ensure the proper functioning of their body, reduce their fatigue and strengthen their immune systems while boosting their brain health. Vegan, practical, delicious and fun, they will certainly be enjoyed by your children.

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What's Up Eye Health Gummies

An eye-opening expert formulation to look after your eyes in the long run. What’s Up Eye Health Gummies contain essential nutrients like Vitamin A, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin E to reduce eye dryness that results from excess screen time, minimises on set of eye diseases and shields your eyes from harmful blue light. Chew one yummy gummy everyday to maintain your eye health and prevent impact on vision.

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What’s Up Gut Health Gummies

What’s Up Gut Health digestive gummies in Alphonso Mango flavor gives you a friendly boost of the good gut bacteria. This encourages your natural flora to thrive, which helps keep your tummy and tract in tip-top shape. 70% of your body’s immune system lives in your digestive tract, so gut health is super important for your overall health.What’s Up Gut Health digestive gummies contains half billion uniquely potent, patented active culture (Bacillus Coagulans Unique IS-2) that make their way to your digestive tract where they can get to work helping your healthy bacteria thrive.

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What’s Up Gluta-Glow Gummies

Glutathione plays a crucial role in neutralizing free radicals and protecting your cells and skin from free radicals. By incorporating What’s Up Gluta-Glow Gummies into your daily routine, you can enhance the protection of your skin, resulting in a radiant, beautiful, and younger-looking complexion that boosts your confidence. Liposomal glutathione is a specialized form of the antioxidant glutathione, encapsulated within tiny lipid molecules known as liposomes. Unlike regular glutathione powder, pills, or capsules, liposomal protects the nutrient from digestion so that you can obtain maximum absorption and enjoy actual results!

Made For Super You

We believe in speed & ease. Looking good while getting things done. We're all about making a statement - With our products in your lifestyle.

Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Roshni Singh


Nourishing our skin, hair and nail is as important as the rest of body and this product here just does the job. It provides an all around balanced pick of all the vital nutritional requirements.

Shveta Mahajan


These amazing gummies work from inside and deliver the right nutrients to maintain a youthful glow. The vegan treats are taking care of my hair too and I have started seeing positive changes in 28 days!

Dr. Sanjana Jain

General Physician

A tasty combination of Vitamin C, D and E with Aloe Vera extract packed in a gummy for healthy-looking hair, nails and skin. Helping in collagen production and preventing free radical and environmental damage to the skin, hair and nails.

Dr. Mumeet Saini

General Physician

This product has the right combination of all the essential nutrients you need for that healthy boost to be visible on your hair, skin & nails! It is superior to similar products I have come across till now.

Our Gummies are



No Added Preservatives

No Artificial Colours

For Both Men & Women

FSSAI Approved

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