Open image in slideshow, What's Up Beauty Gummies (30 days pack) - What's Up Wellness
Open image in slideshow, What's Up Beauty Gummies
Open image in slideshow, What's Up Beauty Gummies
Open image in slideshow, What's Up Beauty Gummies
Open image in slideshow, What's Up Beauty Gummies (30 days pack) - What's Up Wellness
Open image in slideshow, What's Up Beauty Gummies (30 days pack) - What's Up Wellness
Open image in slideshow, What's Up Beauty Gummies (30 days pack) - What's Up Wellness
Open image in slideshow, What's Up Beauty Gummies (30 days pack) - What's Up Wellness
Open image in slideshow, What's Up Beauty Gummies (30 days pack) - What's Up Wellness

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails at less than 30/Day

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30 Days Pack

30 gummies

Rs. 899

60 Days Pack

60 gummies

Rs. 1,599

Save 11%

90 Days Pack

90 gummies

Rs. 2,149

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  • Reduces hair fall
  • Makes hair shiny, healthy & strong
  • Evens skin tone
  • Makes skin smooth & soft
  • Strengthens brittle nails

About What's Up Beauty  

The most powerful combination in a beauty gummy, perfect for your busy lives. 6 clinically proven superfoods along with multivitamins to keep your hair, skin & nails shining bright!

After 3 weeks

The ingredients begin to show effect. Your hair, skin & nails will feel hydrated & nourished.  

After 1.5 - 2 months

Your hair becomes visibly lustrous, nails are stronger & both are growing faster! Your skin tone starts becoming even & skin becomes soft & supple.

3 months & beyond

You’ll finally see the full impact! Hair is thicker & shiny, nails are stronger and both grow better. Skin will feel revitalized.


What's Up Beauty Gummies


Protects our skin & strengthens our hair and nails

What's Up Beauty Gummies


Makes hair thicker & reduces troublesome skin issues like acne

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Folic Acid

Responsible for healthy cell growth making hair & nails grow faster

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Aloe Vera

Deeply nourishes skin & makes hair lustrous

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Grape Seed Extract

Improves collagen levels & helps reduces signs of ageing by making the skin firmer

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Sea Buckthorn

Hydrates the skin protecting it from UV rays & replenishes hair & nails

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Vitamin A

Contributes to cell regeneration & is a powerful antioxidant making the skin younger

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Vitamin B5

Keeps hair, skin & nails healthy

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Vitamin B6

Tackles stress-related skin problems

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Vitamin B12

Improves the quality of hair, skin & nails

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Vitamin C

Delays ageing by helping the body produce collagen

What's Up Beauty Gummies

 Vitamin D

Assists in hair growth & restoration

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Vitamin E

Works to keep your skin looking fresh

Doctor Testimonials


Dr. Roshni Singh


Nourishing our skin, hair and nail is as important as the rest of body and this product here  just does the job. It provides an all around balanced pick of all the vital nutritional requirements.  


Shveta Mahajan


These amazing gummies work from inside and deliver the right nutrients to maintain a youthful glow. The vegan treats are taking care of my hair too and I have started seeing positive changes in 28 days!  


Dr. Sanjana Jain

General Physician

A tasty combination of Vitamin C, D and E with Aloe Vera extract packed in a gummy for healthy-looking hair, nails and skin. Helping in collagen production and preventing free radical and environmental damage to the skin, hair and nails.  


Dr. Mumeet Saini

General Physician

This product has the right combination of all the essential nutrients you need for that healthy boost to be visible on your hair, skin & nails! It is superior to similar products I have come across till now.

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Let's find out what you've been binge eating.


Has 8.3% fats and the white starchy bread can trigger hair thinning.

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Contains Biotin & Folic Acid that helps in good hair growth.

our gummies


Has around 33% fats in a pack. Daily consumption can lead to flaky skin & blocked pores.

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Contains Vitamin A to E that boosts healthy hair, skin & nail growth.

our gummies


Contains 40 gms of sugar whereas our daily quota is 20 gms making the skin drier & thicker.

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Contains only 2 gms of sugar that is equal to a quarter of an apple!

our gummies


High on calories these bars not only cause acne but lead to cardiovascular issues.

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Contains Aloe Vera & Grapeseed Extract that look after your skin making it supple & radiant.

our gummies
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All of this at less than ₹ 30 per day.

 Our Gummies are

What's Up Beauty Gummies


What's Up Beauty Gummies


What's Up Beauty Gummies

No Added Preservatives  

What's Up Beauty Gummies

No Artificial Colours

What's Up Beauty Gummies

For Both Men & Women

What's Up Beauty Gummies

FSSAI Approved

 Your gummy goals

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Have it anytime

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Carry Them Anywhere

What's Up Beauty Gummies

No Choking, No Trying To Gulp It With Excess Water, No bitter after taste… Just Yum!

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Taste of Yummy Strawberries

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Don't worry about strict regimes

What's Up Beauty Gummies

No Carrying The Entire Jar While You travel 

Why Choose Us

our gummies
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Natural Flavour
  • Natural Colour
  • Smooth & Non-Sticky Texture
  • Will Improve Your Hair, Skin & Nails
  • All ingredients served are as per the guidelines issued by Indian Council of Medical Research
  • One Gummy Per Day Does The Trick
  • Convenient To Use & Carry – Each Gummy In Individual Wrapping
  • Infused with Superfoods like Aloe Vera, Grape Seed Extracts & Sea Buckthorn apart from Multivitamins & Biotin
other gummies
  •  Animal Derived Ingredients
  • Chemical Taste
  • Synthetic Colour
  • Rubbery & Sticks To The Teeth
  • Mostly Target Either Your Hair or Skin
  • Quantities of ingredients are more than what government deems safe for Indians
  • You Have To Consume 2 Gummies – means more sugar
  • Have To Carry Entire Jar
  • Contains only Multivitamins & Biotin


What’s Up Wellness is a wellness brand that aims to make wellness simple and fun! What's Up Beauty is one of our variant where we will have having products pertaining to the physical attributes of the body eg hair and skin. What makes us special? We have started out with our What's Up Beauty Gummies which are dietary supplements but in the form of delicious fruit-flavoured gummies. Our formulas are 100% vegan, natural, and low in calories, making them both healthy and delicious. It’s a new fun and tasty way to take care of yourself!  
The What's Up Beauty Gummy should be taken once daily. It is available in a pack of 30, so it will last you a month. You can consume this gummy anytime you want.
It is advised that you check with your doctor before you begin consuming the Beauty Gummies if you already on medication. You should also check with your doctor if you are pregnant or lactating, before trying out our gummies.
No, these are dietary supplements only, If taken regularly over 90 days, you can see results in your hair, skin & nails provided you follow a healthy lifestyle. These gummies are not supposed to cure any disease or chronic illness.
We recommend using What's Up Beauty Gummies for 3 months in order to see the full effect because it takes time for the body to absorb the Actives and show results.
In 1 Gummy (the daily dosage), you get just 2g of sugar, the same amount as 1/4 of an apple.
No, our Gummies are 100% vegan! Instead of using gelatine, we use pectin.
Nope! We only use natural colourants and flavours.
The What's Up Beauty Gummies have a shelf life of 18 months. Also, make sure you store them in a cool and dry place and do not keep it under direct sunlight.
No. The What's Up Beauty Gummies contain recognised active ingredients such as vitamin B8 (biotin), vitamin B5, Aloe Vera and zinc. They have been specifically designed to improve hair, skin and nails. Hair growth and distribution are primarily linked to hormonal stimuli; our Gummies do not contain hormones. 

We want everyone to be the best version of themselves, every day! A brand that connects with you and your family’s daily routine. We want to make a difference in your lives, in the world and for ourselves through our products.

Our product supports your busy and demanding lives, making the healthy option fun & easy to choose.

Your gummies are giving back!

What's Up Wellness is proud to associate with GiveIndia's Mission: "Every girl in school". For every pack of gummy you purchase, you are contributing to a girl child’s education in India. We are proud to associate with the vision and ideology of Give India and pledge to make a difference with your support.

product with give india

Customer Reviews

Based on 287 reviews
Verma Ishita

What's Up Beauty Gummies

Good product

Have been using it since last 10 days! My skin looks radiant, I feel energetic. One should try it

Priya Mantry
The best gummies

I so happy with whatsup wellness gummies , it does every single thing that it claimed to do..... absolutely satisfied with his product i will continue to buy even after the 90 days terms.

Sivaranjini. A
The true miracle gummy

Effective for the skin. I am waiting for it to be effective on my hair. Tasty and I am halfway to complete by the third pack. Multivitamins the natural way. 👍👍👍

Bharat R
Works (which isn't trivial for products like these)

Packaging is great, sizing is great, taste is great.
Actual promised effects seem to be matching as well, so everything seems decent [so far].

Abhishek Mishra
Good improvements

I have been using it for almost 3montha now and have seen good improvment in my hair growth and my nails are like super bright and spot free now..


Whats up beauty

Mayank Mahajan

vry gud product