Meet Us

Sayantani Mandal

Apart from translating brand stories through words and design aesthetics, I am passionate about solving brand problems by devising brand-centric strategies.

Vaibhav Makhija

Deep diving into digital growth and having an insightful conversation on any topic under the sun is his cup of coffee.

About What’s Up Wellness - Online Store For Gummies

Vaibhav & I have been living away from our homes for the last 9 years, leading a not-so-healthy lifestyle, to a point where we both started seeing the effects of the lack of wellness activities in the last 2 years. Talking to different people, we saw a pattern - people like you and I working hard, on their mission to achieve what they aspire to, tend to focus less on their health and wellness, leading to problems in the long run. Hence we came up with What's Up Wellness, to enable you to keep focusing on what you aspire to do, while we take care of your wellness, by making it fun and easy to consume for you.

We understand you

Yes, we really do! You have to run, you have to hustle and you have to be there before anyone else does! That’s why we are doing all the hard work to come up with the easiest and fun ways you can include wellness in your lifestyle and look your shining best as you go out there and rock the world!

Keeping YOU at the forefront

No, we are not about the mambo jumbo of scientists putting years of experience in developing products and you will take years to understand! Our vision is aligned with the need of the hour and backed by thorough research on ingredients, their benefits that are further solidified using surveys.

In a serious world, we take fun seriously

We keep ourselves at the junction of health and fun, and juxtapose it into enjoyable experiences that pay off well too!

Turning good times into great

We want to loosen this hullabaloo about wellness and make it straightforward, easy-going & fun for you!